A typical class, led by Diane Altimus, with assistant teachers according to the number of students, begins with warm-up and stretching. We move into a series of motor skills like hopping, skipping, balance skills, frog jumps, etc.

We split up into small groups and practice skills on the Bars, Beam, Floor exercise, Vault, Trampoline, and Mini-tramp, and end with a game, the big parachute, or our giant swing! More advanced classes usually like to spend the majority of the class time on the floor improving their tumbling skills. The children progress through a series of skill charts at their own pace, and are rewarded as each level is passed. Each year, late in the spring, we have a recital at Yosemite High School. This is a great time for all! Each class does a routine together to music that highlights their new skills and is appropriate for all ages. The tone is casual and fun, and the program is just about one hour long. This ends the regular season, but we offer great classes  during the summer, which is the BEST time for learning new skills.

Summer Classes begin June 18, but it’s never too late to join. Summer and Fall schedules are posted below. Please call for current times and prices.

Registration Fee:
$30.00(covers June – May)

60 minute class $65/month

90 minute classs $95/month

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